During the launch of their campaign, the Prime Minister and Party Leader David Cameron said that he had a “track record” of delivering on Europe. With UKIP emerging as a real threat at the European Elections, Cameron was eager to remind voters that UKIP MEPs were untrustworthy and did not stand up for the UK in Europe. He also attacked Labour and the Lib Dems by saying that they refuse to give people a choice in a referendum.

Even before the foreword in the Manifesto, the party outline the changes that they had already delivered, and those changes that they pledge to deliver. Their key message of delivering a “real change in Europe” is repeated throughout the document, as well as their promise to renegotiate Britain’s membership by holding an in-out referendum for the British people in 2017.

Other key pledges included keeping the cost of Europe down, making Europe work for British business, keeping the Pound and Britain out of the Euro, keeping control of its own borders, keeping Britain out of Eurozone bailouts and to take back control of criminal justice.

The Conservative Party lost ground and Members of the European Union and finished third after UKIP and Labour.

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