Following 13 years in opposition, this was the Conservatives’s opportunity of returning into power. At the manifesto launch at Battersea Power Station, David Cameron outlined his “big society” theme where he issued an invitation to the British people to join him in governing the country.

The 130 page hardback book manifesto is simply titled – “Invitiation to join the Government of Britain.” Key pledges include reforming the regulation and structure of the banking system, freezing public sector pay for one year in 2011, freezing council tax for two years and scrap plans for a revaluation, give parents the power to save local schools threatened by closure, reducing the number of MPs by 10% and cap public sector pensions above £50,000.

Although no party won an overall majority, the Conservatives gained more seats than at any other general election – winning 305 seats. The final outcome of the election resulted in a Coalition Government between the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats.




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