This year’s General Election campaign has seen Welsh Labour attempting to distance itself from the UK Labour campaign, fronted by First Minister Carwyn Jones rather than Jeremy Corbyn. At Welsh Labour’s campaign launch, three of the five pledges announced related to the work of the Labour Welsh Government, rather than Westminster related issues and the same can be said of the manifesto.

The Manifesto mirrors that of the UK Labour manifesto in the areas of broader economic issues, taxation, sustainable energy, immigration, international trade, Brexit negotiations, employment and rights at work, social security, counter terrorism, security and borders and justice. There is however, significant detail on health, education and other devolved areas with explanation of how Welsh Labour is delivering on its programme for Government. Click the download link below to see the Welsh Labour Manifesto

The UK Manifesto, leaked and heavily trailed, will no doubt be described as a left wing treatise to increase taxation, renationalise industries and increase union power. In reality, most of the key commitments are those that maintain majority support. On health and education issues, it reflects significantly where Welsh Labour sits, though Carwyn Jones has certainly carved out a more pro-business vision.

The document will be heavily scrutinised for economic competence, and for that reason, the party has published a separate document explaining how it will seek to pay for the significant government intervention and investment. You can find the UK Labour Manifesto here.

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