Following 8 years in power, Tony Blair pledged that this would be his last general election as Prime Minister. The 112 page pocket sized manifesto promises a programme that includes a rising investment in schools and hospitals without increases in income tax.

Other pledges include a commitment not to extend VAT to public transport fares, children’s clothes, books, newspapers or food.

Blair also promises that the minimum wage would rise to £5.35 from October 2006, and to increase home ownership by 2 million. On health, the party pledges to ensure that no-one will have to wait more than 18 weeks to see a specialist from date of referral. In education, they pledge Rebuild or refurbish every secondary school and provide education or training for every 16 to 18-year-old. They also talk about tackling guns and knife crime, promising a justice system which put the “victims first” and strictly controlled immigration system.

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