Plaid Cymru launched their for the 2016 Assembly Election pledging to find £200m annual savings within 100 days of taking power.  At the launch, Leader Leanne Wood reiterated the party’s 9-point plan, stating there are 9 steps to achieving their 3 groups of pledges in the areas of health, education and the economy:
  • Health - they would promise to cut diagnosis times for cancer to 28 days; recruit an extra 1,000 doctors and 5,000 nurses; and abolish home care charges for older people.
  • Education –  to have free pre-school care for children from three years; a 10% pay boost for teachers who gain extra skills; to pay off student debt and create 50,000 apprenticeships.
  • Economy – they would invest in transport, energy and green infrastructure; create a Wales Development Agency; and cut business rates and give more public contracts to Welsh firms. 
You can download a copy of the introduction herYou can access a copy of the manifesto here however of particular interest to you, will be Plaid’s pledges around health and social care:

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