UKIP were also keen to distance itself from the ‘establishment’ parties presenting itself as the only real change that was on offer to voters. Arguably best known for its anti EU stance, which it regards as expensive, overly bureaucratic and wielding too much power over Britain, the Party published a Welsh manifesto pledging more money for Wales.

Immigration remains a key feature of party policy, citing the rise in migration from Eastern Europe since 2004 as placing an unfair burden on schools, hospitals and housing. Pledges to stop all unskilled migration into the UK for five years if it formed the Government and an Australian style points based system to those applying to move to Britain feature strongly in the manifesto.

Among other pledges in the manifesto are replacing the Barnett Formula with a needs based formula, no benefits or NHS Treatment for immigrants until they have paid tax for five years, support for fracking for shale gas and coal mining and scrapping the Severn Bridge tolls in 2018, all of which the Party claims are fully costed.

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