Welsh Labour promised Wales “a beacon of hope” as they launched their election manifesto for the 2011 Assembly Elections.

Following 4 years in coalition with Plaid Cymru in coalition, party leader Carwyn Jones emphasises on the word “delivery”, pledging to offer a better way forward for the people of Wales. The manifesto even promises to establish a delivery unit ad the heart of administration under the First Minister. The party also heavily focuses on their plans to improve public services, despite spending cuts.

The party’s 5 key pledges include more funding for schools, more apprenticeships and training opportunities for young people, access to GP surgeries in the evenings and Saturdays, an extra 500 Police Community Support Officers, and double the number of children benefiting from free childcare and health visiting.

Following the “yes” vote in the referendum on further law-making powers for the National Assembly in March 2011, Welsh Labour promises in their manifesto to campaign for “fairer funding” of the Assembly Gvernment by the Treasury, but clearly say that they would not seek powers to vary income tax.


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